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Horn 2 Hope Row

In November 2019, Charlie will be setting off on an epic, solo 5,000 mile row across the South Atlantic Ocean from Cape Horn in Chile to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa – something that has never been done before. The journey is likely to take 3 months and will be the toughest challenge he has ever undertaken.

Why is he doing it? Quite simply, because it’s never been done before in a rowing boat. The route is not a recognised trade route and has therefore never been seriously considered by any rowing team, let alone one man in a solo rowing boat.

“Anyone who knows me well knows I cannot resist a challenge. This will be a very tough journey, both physically and mentally. The longest rowing journey I’ve done to date on my own is 54 days - this adventure exceeds that by some margin.”

Not only is Charlie hoping to set a new world record, but he is also rowing to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Mental health is key to enjoyment of life. This is an extreme test of my physical and mental endurance and I am keen to use the expedition as a platform for getting people to talk about their mental health and opening up about issues that may be affecting their well-being. I shall be using the media to share my experience and I know there will be dark moments out there on the high seas. Remaining strong and positive and communicating with the outside world will be key to me achieving my goal and I want to share that with as many people as possible.“

Funding is critical to this expedition succeeding. Charlie is currently in negotiations with a number of potential sponsors but if anyone is interested in getting involved, please do get in touch.