Warming up...

29 January 2013


I was hoping to have left La Gomera by now. Jim MacDonald flew here just to check my water maker and give me a few spare parts on Monday and this was the last "health check" to do before I was happy to leave, but the weather is not quite right to go for it. I could actually leave now and get across, but I've done that before and this time, I'm looking to do it as fast as possible. This is the whole point, so leaving for the sake of keeping others happy doesn't tick my box. I am looking for some settled weather in The mid Atlantic and over the Azores that will create steady winds moving towards the south west. At the moment, the wind is blowing towards the west, but then it will go more northerly which would force me away from where I want to go. So let's hope we some change in the next day or two. I remember years ago when Richard Branson was going for the fastest balloon record around the world. He still has the record, but it wasn't at his first attempt…he needed that weather window to connect with the right jet streams in order to achieve his goal. With patience, the record was realised.

It's hot enough here, although the locals are going around in coats, I'm putting on sunblock and staying in the shade when possible. William James (Billy) is out here and helping (more like directing!) with the camera equipment on board. I have Olympus cameras and small waterproof video cams set up with remotes and there are alot of bits to charge! Anyway, the set up and testing has taken all day and I think I now know how to operate them? I'm leaving the marina very early in the morning to do some more training and to see if this is the case! The boat is totally ready to go, but I still manage to find things to improve on, so my waiting time here isn't totally wasted.

Some late but great news. Canopius have insured me for the crossing. This is risky business, but they want to stay at the leading edge and can see how determined, but also how well prepared I am, so together we will get across and let's hope I don't have to put in a call to them! Seriously, this boat is like a life raft as well, so she will withstand the worst conditions and as long as I stay with her, I really think we'll be ok. Another late Saint is Tristan Almada. Tristan's charity, HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation (google it) needs awareness as they are doing great things to find cures and reduce risk in both women and men. After learning what they are working on and the expertise research they already have, I came away thinking that with the support, this man will move cancer treatment forward faster than you would think.

I'm the zone now, so people around me are not getting the chatty responses I normally give when asked questions, but I need to get further into my world before leaving so hopefully I won't blank too many more people around here. More great news about our charities…Well done and thanks so much to all those who have made very generous donations to both GOSH and THE C GROUP. The wheels are being greased and will start rolling soon. So far, your donations have raised nearly 5% of our target which makes me think we might just get what we really hope to achieve, so thanks again and for those on the hedge, how about a little jump now? Any amount makes a difference….please. I promise to do my bit for this and go as fast as I can…when it's ppossible! ha ha