The Bowmore

25 January 2013

Whilst I'm waiting for one final check on my water maker from Jim MacDonald who is flying down on Sunday, the weather is looking good for a kick off around Monday or Tuesday. I've picked up a viral chest infection from Fraser who is rowing with Ole in another boat, thanks mate. However, a course of antibiotics will sort that out and I'll be fighting fit in a few days time.

This row is rather special for other less obvious reasons than going for a record. With the support of Bowmore Whisky we thought it would be a great idea to give a couple of bottles a free trip to Barbados, so Joe Hughes has carefully chosen a really nice bottle of Malt and a couple of smaller bottles that can travel first class across the Atlantic in my boat which will make them somewhat unique and they will then be safely brought back to the Distillery…if I haven't had to use them for medical purposes! As Bowmore is my favorite dram anyway, it will be tempting not to have a small celebration half way there, but I'm a man built of steel and I know this won't be necessary…….hhhmm.


There is a small article in The Sun Newspaper today which I hope will help to raise more awareness and a few more coppers for the Charities I'm helping and Sky News are doing an interview with me this afternoon, so the word is getting out there more and I really, really hope this will help convert to cash for the charities.

Just thought I'd wish all those at the Bowmore Distillery on Islay all the best in these bad weather conditions whilst I'm putting more sunblock on ha ha. Seriously, you can't make a good whisky without tough weather eh?

Time to take a look at the weather... again.