The Beginning

14 August 2012

For months, our country's interest has been focused on the London 2012 Olympics, where we have seen Mo Farah get the double, Ben Ainslie become the greatest sailor of all time and our countless other Olympians contribute towards Great Britain's most successful Olympics ever. It is now time to draw inspiration from these great athletes and focus on my own challenge; to cross an ocean in a rowing boat faster than anyone else in history.

Crossing an ocean is something I have done before and set records in the process, but no one has ever set about doing it against the clock; 3000 miles, 40 days or less across an ocean in a boat with a pair of oars. If I didn't believe I could do it, I wouldn't have bothered throwing away a very successful career and financial security.

This is my first blog, written from the foothills of Snowdon, where I am taking a break from my training for this epic challenge before cracking on with it on a full time basis. With coaching from the best in the business in human performance and support from my team, I thoroughly look forward to building myself and this campaign into something that will capture everyone's interest and make a difference towards my charitable cause.