Starter's Orders

1 February 2013

It's been a really hot day with no wind and I am sitting in a Foyer in a local Hotel bashing out my last emails and making my last calls as the weather looks good and I want to try and leave tomorrow if I can. The small problem is Tuesday and Wednesday when the weather turns nasty and blows in a more northerly direction, but if I can get out of here and anticipate this by heading off on a more southerly course, I think I'll be ok. Another look at the weather files I'm being fed at midnight, then again in the morning will confirm the situation and exactly when I push off.

Bremont Watches are the timekeeper and The Sun Newspaper are here along with Atlantic Campaigns so we can get an official start time and photographs. All so exciting....and if the truth be known, I'm starting to get a bit twitchy. Tonight, I'll have my last meal in San Sebastien and my next proper meal will be somewhere in Barbados! In between time, it's all down to getting into it and rowing for about 40 days or so.

My heart felt thanks to those out here with me giving much support and to my wife and children who are right behind me and looking forward to seeing me again back in England in a few months time when I return home.

Another up date on the situation when I'm sure what is happening at this end, then hopefully I'll get on with my challenge and you can read about it as we move on.

Bye for now