3 February 2013

Yesterday was frustrating as I headed off from La Gomera at an astonishing rate only to get sucked up into the local weather under the land which left me rowing for two hours against the current and with a headwind. In all, I achieved very little distance as I fought these elements and so made a tough decision to head back to the start and wait for better weather. I could have been potentially rowing against unfavorable conditions for twelve to eighteen hours which may seem little, but I am only here for one thing and that is to get across as fast as possible. I've rowed this route before and if I was on a "jolly", then I would have carried on. However, this is not the goal this time around. So although it was frustrating for the six hours I was rowing for, I definately made the right decision and there is a bad south westerly coming within twenty four hours, so I'm going to let that pass and hopefully try again early in Thursday morning.

As I lay down last night, I thought about my feelings within and already miss my wife and children and I have not even started! But in the big picture, this is a great challenge with lots of support and one that will bring great stories and it won't be long before it's over and we are all together again. I also remember why I wanted to do this in the first place and that makes me feel very positive.

I'm using this time to really master the camera kit I have and check the comms system for keeping in touch with everyone. The workout yesterday was really good and I'm now 100% focused and will continue to do some light training, resting and reading.