Happy New Year!

1 January 2013

I thought 2012 was a cracker and one of the finest years Great Britain have had. How can we make 2013 better? Mission Impossible, but I'll certainly have a bloody good go anyway.

Since 5th December the project has come together and the boat finally left for the Canaries the night before last. Mike and I spent fifteen hours making her ready and making sure the towing rig was ready to take her from Burnham on Crouch to San Sebastien de La Gomera via three different ferries and five days at sea! Jamie, our trusted driver knows the route well and has just let me know he is cruising towards the south coast of Spain in good time and without any mishaps so far. Without the full sponsorship I still desperately need, friends have pulled together and helped make it possible to get this far and now I am in good shape to get to the start line and all I need to do now is get myself there and clear some paperwork with the Spanish Authorities for the green light to go.

It's been a very frustrating month and some potential opportunities failed to materialise, but we all know this happens and it always happens at the eleventh hour. However, as ever, there is always the good side and what an incredible amount of support I've had from all. Bremont Watches have played a big part in bringing another sponsor onboard and Bowmore Whisky have provided valuable backing. But this month, Kelvin Hughes have also joined forces and provided essential mapping equipment and safety tools, Navionics have supplied my electronic chart chips and Jack Links have given me all the Beef Jerky I could wish for. So I'm not going to get lost and will not go hungry for snacks. It costs over £100,000 to do a campaign like this. The boat is more exotic than Lady Gaga and all the equipment is the best you could possibly have for rowing alone in the middle of an ocean for months without seeing anyone. Nothing can fail including myself...or it is game over. I have been training towards this for years and the last six months have been very specific. So I am ever grateful towards my sponsors and suppliers and look forward to getting on with our objective for myself and for them. I just need a remaining £15,000 to complete the plan and to help get me and the boat back from the finish! If anyone can help in any way, please "don't hesitate to get in touch...... NOW!!!"

Whilst the boat has gone, I have just a few days remaining before I leave next Sunday to start my final preparation and trials in La Gomera, so I am busy sorting out my entertainment and clothing, visiting my Doctor and Dentist, buying odds and sods and sorting out paperwork, servicing the family car and making sure Emma won't be left with any surprises in my absence. Alot on!....not sure I can do it all in time......oops. It's been so busy, I have had very little time to think about this mentally, but it is starting to dawn on me now.......hhhmm, time to get in the groove, switch off from outside forces, close my eyes and think this over.