Going Full Time

5 September 2012

I have been released from duties at work in London!… or at least on a part time basis. It has been incredibly difficult juggling all the things going on , what with work and family life, the boys sailing programme, holidays, extra homework for James's forthcoming 11+ exam and then my own campaign. Last time around it seemed that much simpler and I had my first boat in the water much earlier than now, but with being able to go full time training within the next few days, I'll make up the hours on the water to test myself, the boat and do some mileage. To get 700 – 1000 miles clocked up will be fine and then I'll know everything will be in good shape or at least have been altered and re-tested.

On the physical front (Fizz – in case anyone has read this elsewhere), I have been doing well under the guidance of Professor Greg Whyte. It is a well structured programme and hard, in fact I cannot complete some of the exercises, which are presently beyond my reach. I am determined to put everything I have into this and look forward to being re-tested later this month. Then we can see how much my lactate threshold has improved! Then we go onto strength building for the next few months!

With the 27th September looming, we are concentrating on getting everything right for our PR and charity launch in central London. Tim is working hard to reach as many companies and people as possible to secure major sponsorship that we can promote at the event and work with throughout the campaign. Without this major backing, I will only be able to set records on my river, not across an ocean! However, I have always been optimistic and feel that with 100% effort on reaching out, there is someone out there who will help us.

Time to go and fix some more bits on the boat and have a "gentle" workout!