Day two – First blog from the Atlantic

8 February 2013

I'm slowly settling in, but it's pretty full on here. I left San Sebastian at 1705 on 6th February in a very good frame of mind and rowed out quietly with a following breeze to get 20 miles or so off shore before heading more towards the south west. This plan was syncronized with the forecast to take full advantage of the building winds to help get away from The Canaries as quick as possible. This time, I left at the right time and with a few exceptions of confused seas and gyrating winds south of El Hierro, I really have zoomed along.......not so quick Pitcher....I am now writing twelve hours later and the seas have been all over the place and wind has been really good in the afternoons, but I could do with more in the morning please. I am coming up to my first 48 hours (end of my second day) and for ease of working things out, I'm running my days from 1705 to 1705 the next day. SO with a bit of luck I'll be near to 19*40'.00W in a few hours time. I'm really happy with that.

Oh my Lord, I forgot all about the aches and pains from last time, but my bottom is holding up nicely! I've got the blisters. a sore lower back and my left knee clicks (and hurts) every time I move it out of line. I've had my Musto clothing on as it is still cold at night time and there have been several rain showers. On the wildlife front, 1 x crazy little bird landed on my aft deck early this morning and took off again seconds later and I think I saw the water spout from a whale off EL Hierro early yesterday.

I'm so glad to be on my way and to focus on just one thing, but I can't help thinking about all the people who have helped me, the others following the story and a few schools including all my little friends at FKS in Felsted and to Pidge's kids at Dulwich Prep School. To Billy who has been a rock and all you guys that have stepped online again for another one of those adventures. I will try to write as often as I can, but I really have to say this boat is incredibly small and bouncy and writing this down below is making me feel quite ill!

My Kung Po Chicken is ready now, so munchies, a small kip, then back to join my oars!

From the Old Man at Sea! (..because I feel a lot older than last time!)