Day three - nothing broken yet

9 February 2013

It's coming up to the end of day three and a wave has just smashed into the side of the boat, good job the hatch is closed! Nothing broken...yet, but I'm getting knocked around a lot. It is so hard to keep a balance in this rocky little boat. Every wave whisks her away and if it's not in the right direction, I cross my fingers! This is a very different ride and I'm not able to row in the total darkness as it is too dangerous, so I'm putting everything into it for as long as I can see where to place the oars in the water. I am making very good mileage, but am actually looking forward to some calmer conditions so that I can get into a rythmn and wash etc. This is a short blog as I need to keep my mind on what's going on outside the cabin. Thank the lord for my Musto kit... it just keeps getting better.

Thank you for our messages and donations which I am aware of, but am unable to respond and get in touch just at the moment, so please keep them coming.

Oh I saw a yacht this afternoon, he sailed right by me and never said hello! That's all at the moment.