Day six – surfing at speed

12 February 2013

I've been surfing at incredible speeds today, the best being 14.7 knots and the spray went right over the boat! The best one I had was over 7 knots, but it lasted for ages. A great feeling. In fact, about every third wave has promoted some form of surfing. When I am not rowing, I steer the boat by hand as it is better than the autopilot in situations like this. On the other side of the coin, I've had some nasty shin knocks from the oars catching and it is very uncomfortable in constant wet conditions. My pace is looking good the moment, but I think the last of this heavy weather is due tomorrow only before a change in direction and strength. So the next week is going to be interesting.

SOMA is a brilliant little boat, but definately on the small side. It is hard work down below trying to organise myself in the area of a big cardboard box, especially when it is being knocked around and constantly vibrating or slamming into every wave, so everything has to be planned very carefully. My legs are sore and there is a problem with my left knee which hurts like hell, but I'll try to do some kind of stretching to help it. Playing nurse to my bottom and hands is paying off and the destined sores and blisters are being held at bay. I'm in good spirit and now I feel settled into life at sea again and am starting to enjoy it.

Today, just a feet feet away from my port side, a little butterfly or moth flew by with the wind. It had lemon or very light green amazing is that. Where did he start life and where is it going to end for him?? Whilst on the wildlife subject, I keep on seeing these translucent bubbles floating on the surface. They are the shape of a small cornish pasty, are see through and have a little colour to them. Are they by any chance flying fish eggs?? Any one know?

The Bowmore Competition has started and you really should be part of it, if not already. Contact and she'll fill you in. Great prizes...also if anyone reading this has not been to our facebook page, please do and "like" it as this helps one of many causes.