Day seven – one week at sea

13 February 2013

Ship' s log – Going through the Cape Verde Abyssal Plain towards the mid Atlantic. I have covered about a fifth of the journey, have had a cracking start and am just ahead of my virtual partner Andrew in the moment. Very early days and so counting our chickens. Wind is ENE 20 knots

I'm going into my eighth night at sea and this is the first night I can see the stars and there is a small crown of the moon. The temperature is getter warmer too as I don my Mustos which I've been wearing constantly, so hopefully I'll see some good days and nights ahead. It's still windy and I'm trucking along and this afternoon was the first time I have been able to get into a decent rowing shift, and less steering by hand as the boat has been drifting and surfing with the wind and the waves. I am now the only rowing boat out here so it really does seem vast and wild out here to me. I have not even seen a ship yet, just the birds!

I just hoovered up a Thai Green Chicken curry which was absolutely brilliant! I have a power problem on board, but not urgent. Until I get it sorted, communications are limited.

Just been smacked again by a random side wave, best go and check it out.