Day nine – on target

15 February 2013

I'm stuck in and getting on with five good strong sessions a day with at least four hours kip during the dark. This system works best for me with following winds when the pull on the oar is much easier. To date I've not yet had any headwinds excepting a small amount in the first twenty four hours, so the wear and tear on the body is not bad! Last time, I remember loosing all but two of my finger nails from the pressure of pulling in adverse conditions, but I don't think that's going to happen this time around. The weather could not have been better, now there is some luck. However, it can still change....

I'm on target as I approach the end of my first zone. I have split the route into three zones of a third each. Zone one – smash it with the weather as this is where we know when to leave, what to expect from the weather and our only chance to keep in touch with the record. Zone two – Pace (assuming the first section went well) and Zone three – Crank it up again for the last dash. RIght now I am pretty exhausted, but not burnt out.

Flying fish all around me today, so I am expecting to clear up a few off the deck later on as they head for my head torch light. The stripy fish is still around and the brown bird has flown away, but I'm expecting her back. Had a quick shave today, OMG does that feel better. I am taking time out tomorrow to have my first wash and scrub the bottom of Soma as she is getting a thin slime on her. Really looking forward to both those tasks. The washing I did the other day was rubbish. It all stinks worse than before, but Emma suggested I soak them with some shampoo to take away the smell. Good idea!

Today was my first naked rowing day, it's that warm now.....a beautiful day! Sunshine, wind, deep blue seas, white crests everywhere, 18 knots breeze, the world's finest rowing boat and one smelly old nutter rowing it and having hallucinations about rowing into Copenhagen last night...weird.

For Sally, Yes, I read Life of Pi when it was first published and saw the film just before I left the UK. Staggering. A must see!