Day five – listening to the sea

11 February 2013

It's been pretty rough for the last three days and I'm glad to have all the right safety kit here, thanks to Kelvin Hughes and Premium liferafts! It's just good to know it's here, but I certainly don't want to be using it. It's still too rough to put my oars in during total darkness, but I am working hard every other hour and can honestly say I'm looking for a break in the weather to allow me to get into any kind of rythmn. It's just hectic at the moment, but I know I'm cracking it on the mileage so far.

The nice thing about the waves when they break over you is that the water is warm! No music today, just listening to the sea and watching all the different kinds of wave random. It is like being in the train station at rush hour. You try to head for a platform, but people from all directions, all shapes and sizes stop you making it a direct journey. Then three huge waves will roll through, just like three old bearded men who have the right to steam roll all that go before them.

I've managed to do some camera shots and video shots from the Olympus of this above, so hoping it will come out ok.

I'm afraid I'm done, got to get some shut eye