Day eight – Valentine's Day!

14 February 2013

St Valentines Day and I got two cards!

Ships log – Just been through a soft spot and now picking up more northerly winds which will push me more south than I have been going. Today has been the lightest wind with below 12 knots at one time, so still a nice bit of wind. I am travelling over the deepest part of the Atlantic on my route to Barbados. The sea bed is 5638 m below me. That is a 4 mile run or a drive to the shops and back! A long way down and I wonder what is below?? I have seen a single Dolphin today and I have a 1m fish following me. He is Light blue and silver vertically striped (a bit mackerel like) and is stream lined. There is still the bird as well....

Everything seems to be working on board and I've worked out the charge rate for everything and what I can charge and when...subject to cloud cover of course. The food is good and I can't complain. The only problem left is my body.....boy do I need a wash and I can't just do a wet wipe job as I didn't bring enough! So I really am hoping to find a soft spell tomorrow to have a scrub up and take this beard off. Actually, I'm not that bothered about all these things, but I do know every single element of this row has to be in good order, myself included.

"There is this man I came to know, who helped me with my previous row, and here we are doing it again, without a mention of his name". Stand up Andrew Wise, so everyone can see you! I am working with Andy every day on the weather and so far it is absolutely spot on. I know what is happening over the next week and am confident about our strategy. This is such an important part of this row as without the right weather, there is very little chance of a crack at the record. So far, so good as we are on target.

I don't remember feeling this lonely on the last row. I love the adventure and being out here pushing myself to the limit, but I do miss home and the family. I guess we all do when we are away.

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentines Dinner...mine is Kung Po Chicken with Noodles, then back to my oars.