Day 32 – fighting to the end thanks to Deep Purple, Led Zep and ELP (and my daughter, Lottie)

12 March 2013

I was in a desperate state yesterday and so frustrated with the weather. Late in the evening, when it was almost dark, a bright bright white long tailed frigate bird passed by me so slowly and I could see it looking at me with wonder before accidentally being lifted sky high by a headwind. At this moment I could see the shape of a person with it's wings wide and the tails like legs! I never saw it again, but then the wind changed. Was this beautiful bird a messenger come to tell me the test was over?

Through the night, the wind built and is stable and strong, due to build more. It's like the first days of my journey. Hairy, hold on stuff and check the lifeline is secure! Soma has gone crazy and is bouncing and rocking all over the place, but generally in the right direction. She is like this now, as together, we are so much lighter than when we started. Hard work on the core and in co-ordinating the oars again. I'm smashed in the shins again, but now it doesn't hurt anymore, all I can think of is the last furlong. I've jumped the last fence and now can really imagine finishing late tomorrow sometime. My emotions are running all over the place, but I'm still watching the fluid, food and injury prevention. So with a little more energy and careful navigating around the top of Barbados, this incredible journey will be over and I feel lucky to have been able to do this and come out of it in one piece!

Norrie would say take the fight to the end, and that is what I've done. I never gave up and hope that he is watching over me, as he did last time round. I have to thank my daughter Lottie for telling me to put on Rock n roll music to get me going and for the last 15 hours that is what I've done and it works!! I'll carry on singing to Deep Purple, Led Zep, the end.

So far, I have used the allen key and a spanner to change the bearings on my seat wheels. I have not had to touch any other tool or make a repair! My nails grow extra fast out here...why is that! I've eaten two thirds of the food I was meant to finish by the end and have eaten three bars of chocolate. I still have two tea bags left and have only had one coffee. I have never felt in danger of my life, but have felt that things could go very wrong on a few occasions early on in the rough weather and the dreaded day 18 when I have never been so sick in my life.

Ships log – Creaming along at lightning speed bouncing on top of the waves, all the pogle waves are out again and the punk waves have rocked up, but we are all going the same way this time. My course is 244*T to the top of Barbados which is 87 miles away. I have a further 6 miles around the other side to my finishing point at Arawak Key just above Port St Charles and should get there very late tomorrow night.

I will continue rowing now to the end, have my snack bags and loads of water stashed around my rowing position and music in my ears, so all there is left to do is row this little boat until we reach the fial waypoint! I hope to do a quick blog tomorrow, but it depends how it's all going here. However, I will continue to blog after I reach the shore as I will reflect on many things about this extreme challenge and how this time, it has changed things for me.

Thank you every on of you for following and being part of this.........which is not over just yet! ( as I have just got smashed in the side by a huge wave!!!)