Day 31 – Almost home but my bottom is suffering!

11 March 2013

Well I just don't know what to expect next. Again, the weather is not helping me at all and I've managed very little mileage as a result of resting when I should have been rowing with some favourable wind. After a rest, the wind went to the South and I had to row against the wind. I'm getting used to this now. I get down when I remember the days I was clocking big miles, but that was a long time ago. As with my first Atlantic row, I find myself knocking on the door but just not getting one single break to give me one more last shove to the post. Today, I have rowed with no wind at all, but in the last few minutes, a new breeze has set in. WILL THIS BE THE NEW WIND we have been waiting for? Lets see.....

The good news is I am almost home with 158 miles to go and I know I can prepare for one last long haul, but not just yet as my body is suffering, especially my poor bottom!

I saw two big Yellow fin Tuna by the boat and got a photo. They were stunningly beautiful. Oh, and I've just managed that fresh water body wash. Next one under a shower!

Apart from my tantrums, I am still in good mind and being careful. I cannot imagine ever doing anything harder than this and just can't wait to see land soon. I am very lucky to be out here whilst others are watching me, but the mental and physical fight I've been through is not something I would recommend to others.