Day 30 – Working with the wind with 217 miles to go

10 March 2013

I am trying to work with an ESE wind to get me up on the approach to Barbados as the weather is set to turn sometime between tonight and tomorrow morning. It should (!) come fro the NNE, then settle down at NE and build to a good breeze for the last leg of this journey. Wouldn't it just be great if this happened as I am putting in extra miles to line myself up. The reason I need to do this is because I don't want to risk being in the Lee of North Point and would much rather have some sea room to play with. As I write there are 217 miles to go, so I think I'll be ashore on Thursday afternoon.....

I am actually more concerned with looking after myself as opposed to racing to the finish. I can't pull a decent stroke now as my strength has diminished, but I work very hard at keeping in balance and pulling through the centre of the boat lightly each time and this is as good as putting raw power into every stroke. Sometime, in the last few days, when I was knocked over, it must have pushed the collar up one of the oars by 40mm which I didn't notice. I have been wondering about trying to keep this balance and applying even pressure to each oar....wondering why one side of my neck was in agony. Then I notice my thumbs were not touching as usual. looked at the oars and saw the problem. This took seconds to fix and the feeling was completely different as you would expect. But through the uneven nature of ocean rowing, every muscle group gets a solid work out time after time and eventually the only thing to do I am doing that now with a view to making as long as possible to restore my energy levels ready for the final push.

I managed to drain the power yesterday through not being alert to procedures (tiredness) so today I am being very careful to get the voltage backup to 14v before long. I was really looking forward to having a hand body wash today, but it will have to wait until tomorrow now as I need to make more fresh water. However, I did manage to have another shave a few days ago, so although very smelly and sticky, I look smart! By the end I will have had three body washes and three shaves......soap dodger eh?

I just can't wait to see land, but as we all know, let's concentrate on now and not then!