Day 28 part 2 – Now in the right frame of mind: bring it on

8 March 2013

I am of the right frame of mind and am thinking how Luke Baker would. Break it down, plan each session and execute. Repeat again and again until you get the result. I am now on my Para – anchor just 318 miles from the finish, but the wind is against me so every time I stop, I drift in the wrong direction. Since this afternoon, the wind turn Southerly again and the time now is midnight, although there is little wind. However, I've smashed my body getting here and it needs rest. I am rowing 5 miles forward, then deploying the para anchor and resting for two hours, then moving on again until there are changes which should come late tomorrow or the day after.

What a way to finish this off. It feels as though I'm being watched and things are being done to prevent me from getting there....well bring it on and what's the next test please? Appropriate spirits here and knowing that this time next week I will have a cool drink in my hand.