Day 28 – Low in spirit, low in body

8 March 2013

Oh I wish I could be high in spirit all the time, but It's just not getting better. I am now hove to and watching a Southerly 10 knots wind blow over me. My headway is nil towards Barbados. I have 339 miles to go, but now the weather is predicted to be adverse until Monday/ Tuesday when a proper breeze is meant to set in from the NE. It is stinking hot, I am shattered from my last big session hoping today was going the be the big day for new wind, but now I am low in spirit, low in body and all I can do now is wait for any good signs.

I have fought the last few weeks with all I have including a bit of humour, but I really cannot believe how unlucky I have been with the weather in the second part of this row. How can it happen twice to me???