Day 26 – listening to music is much better than thinking!

6 March 2013

As I finished my watch (rowing session) at 2100 and came below, a fair wind has piped up and is helping to push me along ever so slightly at about 2 knots. This was very much needed as I have put everything into the last two days to get over the adverse conditions and soaring heat and really do not have any more in me. This is like the end of term, trunk packed and going home, sort of mood. I am excited about having a good rest and being able to relax and enjoy watching the boat tail between the waves coming up behind it as I sit in my cabin and look out of the hatch exhausted but with a nice packet of Kung Po Chicken in my hand. In the last two days days I have slept for no more than 4 hours and rowed for over 35 hours which is startling, but I can do this from time to time. However, I really do hope that is the last time as I approach the last part of my route. With 460 miles to go, I can now afford to take it a bit easier knowing the wind is forecast to be fair for the next four days.

For the last three days, I have not heard any music, because my mind has been busy and my thoughts are entertainment enough without the music!! However, today I got the Nano back out and put on the favourite playlists and realised that listening to music is much better than thinking!! All my family will love that. Again and again I come back to The Who, I think because Billy and I were playing it in La Gomera just before I left. Billy is a wonderful person I met in Exmouth earlier this year and because of him, I'm sponsored by The Sun. They have been fantastic in their support and enjoying this as much as everyone else is. They have an answerphone at their office I'm allowed to talk to, so now and again I pick up the phone and ring the number, wait for the beep and rant off about how happy I am, how pissed off I am, what has been happening...everything. It's a good way of getting things off my mind. I hope they don't publish some of them! I can't wait to see Billy again in Barbados. He will be there to see me through.

I'm seeing a lot more birds now now and a few days ago, I saw a Marlin and was lucky enough to get a photo of it. At about 8 feet long, I'd say it was a young one. Beautiful. The nights aren't so good at the moment as there is hardly any moon. Because of this, rowing at night time is really difficult. Without my head torch, I can just about see things and get my balance right, but I miss so many strokes and hurt my shins that I've found it easier just to keep my head torch on, look at the numbers on the instruments, get dizzy doing this, but at least see where I can plant the oars, a little better. Still, the whole process of rowing at sea.......rubbish! Only now and again will I ever get some rythmn. If Olympic rowing was the greyhound racing of the sport, ocean rowing is definately banger racing at Wimbledon! Be prepared to be knocked around all over the place and when you finish, you will not be looking pretty.

But the the ocean is magnificent, it's a wilderness and it's beautiful. To be out here is very special. I am all alone and have to make it work. The sea can be kind and when everything is in sync, you are at one with the ocean and it's this which makes us obsessive about being here. Mountaineers must think the same way. The danger and the wilderness and it's just you facing it, to reach the top or cross the sea gives you a unique sense of achievement that no one else will ever have. It's this that makes you want to come back for more.

I better stop there as I need to eat and rest. I do hope people find this is a great cause for raising money for Great Ormand Street Hospital and The C Group Charities. If you think so, it is so easy to klick on the donation page and make a small donation which will go along way to helping other people who are having a harder time than me here!