Day 23 – all I can do is suffer

1 March 2013

I am physically and mentally spent. It is early in the morning and I haven't got any more strength, I've broken down, I've screamed at the sky and all I can do is suffer more of this windless area in the mid Atlantic. It has been nearly six days since I was very ill and we have not seen any wind since then. I've managed to get this far from the strength I had, but it's gone now. All I can do is get this off my mind, man up and just see what happens. The good thing is it will only get better now as I've hit the bottom emotionally. Now I can smile again and remember it's not so important really and that there are harder things in life than this. The children who suffer and those that go to war for us to protect our country.

I must realise this is not the focal point of everything that's going on in the world, but it has taken two years of my life to plan and means everything to me. Once I'm finished, maybe I'll buy a nice pair of slippers and start smoking a pipe. Emma would love that!

I feel better now, thank you.