Day 22 – my current work rate is unsustainable

28 February 2013

The record is still playing... the last 24 hours have been much the same as the last. 36*C temperature, 5 knots of wind from ENE which is better than nothing and a choppy sea, a bit like light weather sailing with lots of powerboats churning up the water around you! I have to concentrate on planting every oar which is incredibly difficult when you are tired and sore. However, the answer to a good plant is to always watch through the centre line of the boat back towards the aft post which has my wind instrument on it. By following through this line fore and aft keeps me in line and I then seem to be able to apply the same amount of pressure on each oar. This goes on whilst I cast my eyes at the waves and anticipate if the stroke is going to be successful!!! I covered 60 odd miles which is pleasing, but the work rate to get that result is not sustainable.

However, the forecast is set to improve from the weekend onwards which is fantastic. Otherwise, I would be bouncing around somewhere out here without an energy to pull forwards. Three hours has been too much on the oars in one go now, as I run out of steam after two hours. The power output skyfalls after two hours, so it pointless. I am also now needing a full two hours to give my body a decent recovery period, so at the moment I am down to two hours on and two hours off. Earlier in the row, when I had reserves, three hours on worked well. The great thing about solo adventure is you can make changes as and when you feel like it, which of course cannot be done so easily with a team of you. I have always thought this way and when asked about what shift system I do, I only ever answer " it depends on the weather and how I feel, no fixed system".

I think I have one more day of this which means I will have had six days of extremely enduring circumstances dealing with my mind and body. Nearly there though and still here!

I got slapped badly last night by a monster flying fish who hurtled into the back of me whilst I was peeing into my bucket. He left all his scales on me, a red mark and I now can smell fish every where! There is a lot of sea sponge in the water and hardly any debris or rubbish, I'm glad to report. Yesterday's entertainment was keeping up with a dark cloud that looked just like a pig ( have photo!). Today's highlight was having a shave which as usual makes me fell so much better. I can't believe how much food I have on board.....I only took 40 days days worth, but it's everywhere. I'm starting to get more food down, but you can imagine in this hot environment, it's a task to do so.

The body is sore, but coping well, my left knee has become a problem again, but there is nothing I can do about that. I just want to get this these next two days over and done with and then I'm sure I'll be in a better frame of mind.