Day 16 – make every pull count

22 February 2013

At night the clouds are white and very visible, the sky is black, but the arena is set once again by the brilliant lighting from the moon and the sparkling stars. This overhead show reflects down onto the moving sea with white wave crests, small breakers and the phosphorescence from the splashing of my oars and the wake from the boat. The breeze is still strong, but I can't hear it now. My mind is tuned into placing every stroke very carefully otherwise I get a bad blow from the shaft...and listening to my 233 favourites on the nano. I'm fine with headphones, but all my audiobooks are not working.. so it's music and imagination!

I'm putting more energy into everything now as the strong wind has gone and the only way forwards now is to row and make every pull count, so I'm generally rowing for three hours, then laying straight down and trying to sleep, whatever the circumstance. Until the wind picks up again next week sometime, this is the system that works for me and allows me to get in about fifteen hours of rowing. As I had such a cracking start to my record attempt, I now only have to average 55 miles a day to stay on target, so no heroics needed, just pace for the time being. I have passed the half way mark, so Barbados is now closer to me than La Gomera ....hurrah.

A massive rain shower came by this morning, so I got myself all washed and scrubbed. OMG, do I feel different. Fresh and clean, fit and strong. I used 1.5 litres of my water to rinse myself down, so no worries on loosing too much fresh water. Let's hope another rain shower comes by soon...

Wow, I got lots of messages yesterday, thanks so much everyone. They have come in from The P's and Rowarths in New Zealand, my son in Brisbane, friends in South Africa and Lucy in Hong Kong, the Sinclairs in Canada and Will Harris in USA, so I'm feeling high. Thanks.

I'm drinking cup a soups to save my tea bags from distinction. Found the Bovril...wish I had some vodka, then I could have hot Bullshots!

I hear Olympus are offering a Tough HD waterproof camera as a prize for the Bowmore Competition. The camera is fantastic, I have two onboard and the quality is superb. By the way, I also have Olympus binoculars here and I've not come across any others that are better.

Out to the stars for the next show and row....