Day 15 – I know who I am, but where am I going?

21 February 2013

Saved a flying fish from death today!

I know who I am, but where am I going? On board I have the tools to help me with that. The boat has the latest Raymarine hardware from a chartplotter to an automatic steering system that keeps the boat on a straight course. This equipment is just the best to use especially as I am being thrown all over the place and can sometimes hit the wrong knob. In the chartplotter I have some very special software from Navionics who specialise in electronic charts for marine hardware, so these two items put together allow me to navigate any where on earth where there is water! However, no man should ever put to sea without his Admiralty charts, dividers and ruler. All my navigation tools and charts come from every sailors favourite supplier, Kelvin Hughes who have been around probably as long as the chronometer! I use both systems to navigate with and always refer to the Admiralty charts, especially when I am near land. So, if all my power went down, I'd still know where I was going.

I've got a good old body ache from rowing and the blisters on my hands have gone solid allowing some fresh ones to grow around the hard bits! Still waiting for that opportunity to have another wash, but there hasn't been a window for that yet. My spirits are high today and hearing from Sarah and Bill, old old friends I miss, was particularly special. So, with all things looking good at the moment, I'm getting ready for a nasty spell of weather this coming weekend and know my mileage is going to take a knock.

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before...but basically the weather has been record breaking up to now and I can't complain. The perfect wind angle blowing behind me is up to 30 degrees either side of centre, so I prefer the wind to be blowing not directly behind me, but a little bit to one side or the other. This helps keep the boat more stable....anything to keep her stable!!!

I love Katherine Jenkins, yes, Emma knows. I've been listening to Nella Fantasia again and again, but good music must be accompanied by more good music...The Who! They are fantastic...Won't get fooled again...must play that tune several times each day!

Time to down a bit more Jack links Beef Jerky and then back to my oars in 14 minutes!

I think I'm nearly half way, it's defo getting hotter! Still loads of wind though