Day 14 - Flying fish

20 February 2013

The flying fish Instructor said to his young students "Right ho my little fellas, now tonight is your first night flight solo so listen carefully. Follow me in an orderly fashion, build up your speed to at least 24 knots before jumping into the air. At that speed you will be able to glide like a bird ". So off they went, 20...21...22..23...24 knots into the mid Atlantic night sky and splat, splat, splat, splat, splat, splat, splat and splat! Unfortunately there was a random ocean rowing boat out there........ Which is the best way to explain what I have done at sun rise each morning for the last few days. Pick up the little fish all over my deck and throw them back into the sea. Deep below me, I can hear the Elders of the shoal muttering " Hmm, I'm not sure we are giving the instructors proper tuition because for they keep on vanishing.." or something like that.

I've got a mental problem merging as I feel I am always pulling on the right oar more than the left, but I check to make sure it is balanced. Now my right deltoid muscles are sore. The sea has calmed down for the second time and lets hope it stays that way as it is so much easier to row in. I had a good session this afternoon and now feel I am well and truly on my way. In fact it won't be too long before I reach the half way mark. Everything is holding up on the boat and in the flat water and following breeze, she is a pocket rocket, but very lively!

It felt like Big Brother earlier on, as I rowed along, I could sense my audience (being Dad, Shaun, Mike and Chris) above looking down on me and finding it all amusing. It helps me to know they are there and sometimes I look for them when I am alone.

Thank you everyone for your messages and emails. I receive every single one and enjoy reading them. They help me connect with you and through the blogs, I hope you can sense a connection with what I am up to. Please keep them coming.