Day 13 - not much to tell so here are some stats!

19 February 2013

I'm now into my thirteenth day at sea, today has been much like yesterday, so not much to tell. I thought I'd give some stats instead:

In order to break the record, I have to average 3.10 knots over the route or more. I make 10 litres of fresh water per day which takes 20 minutes and drains the batteries of about .5 volt. My favourite dish is Chicken Dansak with Rice. I have exactly 20 PG tea bags left (not enough!). I have been rowing an average of 15 hours per day for the last five days. I have a total of 7 blisters on my hands (not bad) and 2 on my but (not good). AS I eat more food, the boat gets more rocky and less stable. I have empty containers to fill with sea water as and when I need to for ballast. I have five shirts, two of which are clean and read to use. The other three stink and are rotting in the aft locker as I am rubbish at washing them properly. Acrobatics to date – sooo many poops (wave breaking over back of boat), soo many transom slaps (wave hits the back of boat with full force, like scoring 180 in darts. We like this as it shoves the boat forwards), at least four knockdowns or broaches ( wave left hooks side of boat and pushes it sideways at half upright), one roll over or turn turtle (boat is turned completely upside down), one cabin slap (wave enters cabin because rower forgets to shut hatch). I have rowed over 1,000 miles so far. Every day except for one perhaps, the wind has averaged 15 – 20 knots and has been right behind me. I have used up three gas canisters to cook with..... I have managed to brush my teeth at least once a day and have slept (sleeping here is like trying to go to sleep in one of those rally car simulators!!) an average of 6 hours per day....or there abouts.

For the first time on this route I saw my favourite bird. Its a long tailed frigate bird and looks like concord. I challenge any school children under 12 to draw one for me. I'll take the top three drawings to GOSH and donate £100 along with the winning drawings for the children there. Make sure you put my boat in the picture!!

Just a quick mention for The members at The Dunmow Rotary Club. Thinking of you lot this Thursday when you have your lunch and thanks again for the huge donation to charity from the talk I did.

Three more days of strong wind, then nothing and possibly even some adverse wind on it's way to me this coming weekend.

Lights out.