Day 11 – Boring day, but fair

17 February 2013

Boring day with lighter winds but fair. blue water, blue sky, a few birds and naked rowing with sun block all over. Lots of drinking and nutrition, lots of Genesis and Dire Straits and now I'm sitting in my cabin, hot a sticky having a cuppa before going back out again. It is now 2000 and more comfortable to row. My next break will be at midnight. I think my mileage is now going to drop a bit over the next few days, but then increase before dropping again at the end of the week when there is no wind at all. I'm ok with this, but not overly excited about it!!

For a little chap called Sam Dinning, you are a very special person, I loved you message and I love you too. Tomorrow will be SAM DAY and I'll row as hard as I can for you.

Every time I look up at my chart in the cabin, I see the burgee of the Royal Burnham Yacht Club. It brings me happiness as this is where I cut my teeth and where I've spent all my life with all the other members I've grown up with and know are watching my progress now. They are like my big family and I really do think about them whilst I'm out here.