Day 10 – going well but it's time to pace myself

16 February 2013

Motorway rowing today with a steady 15 knot NNE wind behind me and 2 –3 foot waves rolling by me in the same direction towards the WSW. I'm tapping on the oars and producing over 4 knots of boat speed all the time, nearer 5 knots with the help from gusts and wave tops. When I rest, the boat will carry on well over 3 knots. This is a combination of the right weather, sea state, direction and the weight of my vessel and how I row it. Without one of these, it is hard to achieve the speed....this is when I thoroughly enjoy it out here. I'm sure there won't be too many days like this one ahead.

The name Soma comes from an ancient Indian Goddess who could inflict magical power on people. There is also a Princess called Soma who was confined to a Castle on an Island after her Parents and the whole city were devoured by the Sea Monster. She was saved by the North East Wind, but left to live her days like this. The castle was only accessible from the sea and many people tried to rescue her, but the North East WInd didn't allow it to happen. Sad. There is also a very kind and generous friend of mine, who's name is Soma and my little boat is named after her. I hope this answers Dottie's question!

Two last minute things I bought before stepping on board which have been a big hit. A special corset for back support and an Apple Nano. Why didn't I have one of these before!

Wildlife watch for those at school – Three BIG dolphins, maybe porpoises?, a bigger brown bid which I have a photo of, no more stripey fish, but a slightly bigger one now......maybe this one ate Mr Stripey?

I have just entered the second zone – time to pace myself and be more careful. Time to put the Getac computer away.


A quick question for Neil Honkanen who wrote a comment yesterday. Hi there. It must be the four man with a guy called Jordan onboard. Find out their position fix and time and their projected direction. I'll set it out on my chart and see if a crossing of the swords at sea will be a miracle. Look forward to hearing from you.