Countdown to the gun

22 January 2013

I know I have not written a blog for over a week, but I thought whilst on land there is not so much to talk about and I want to save my writing for the days I become fully engrossed in my row. But in fact there is so much to talk about now! With just a few days left, more people have come to my support and joined the team. Namely Momentum Adventure, Jack Links and CBT Packaging. I met Matthew Robertson at a Bremont event with Sir Robin Knox Johnston and we got talking. The following day I visited him with Soma and had a wonderful chat about adventure and what it's all about. Our views on this subject are identical and I really look forward to experiencing a Momentum Adventure in the very near future. On my last row, a good friend, Jaco from South Africa provided homemade Biltong for me to chew on, but this time around Jack Links have provided all the Beef Jerky I could wish for and I'm telling you I can't get enough of this stuff! Chris Corrigan, a fellow member of the RBYC, came up to me before Christmas and simply said " I want to make a contribution towards your row and would like to pay the bill for any electronics you have to get, here's the money!" This has made a big difference in helping to reduce the debt on a campaign such as this and Chris is a wonderful person. My big thanks to all these people.

Although I am still desperately seeking that last £15,000 to keep the shirt on my back, I can at least get started so I'll stop going on about this now and to start to focus on one thing. The row.


The training is over, the boat is out of the water and fully polished and ready to pounce! I can launch her in less than an hour, but as I'm not sure exactly when I'm going, it's best to have her on dry land. So I've loaded the sheets and curtains and fake flowers, an extra teaspoon and some Fabreeze to keep the air smelling nice and it's time to go and get my hair cut and later on to shave my body. Yes, it is necessary!…hair retains moisture and sunblock and gets all messy and is un-hygenic in a hot and damp enviroment. As most of my body washing will be from using wet wipes, I want it to be as easy as possible. There really is not much left to do. However, I have my eyes glued to the forecasts and at the moment, it looks like the earliest I'll get away will be 28th Jan.

The A team over the last week – My mother and sisters, our friends Julia and Kate, Ole Elmer and Fraser Sinclair, all who have been so much fun and Amy in the UK who has been on the end of the wire any time I called! Ole and Fraser have a brand new Rannoch Pairs boat that is identical to my boat in construction, just a little bigger. They are due to set off for Antigua about the same time as I leave for Barbados. I've given Ole one of my Lasers (see Star Wars Light Sabres?) When we are both out on the ocean, we'll be able to get in touch by satellite phone, then cast our lasers into the sky and hopefully "cross swords". These special safety tools have a range of up to 200 miles and are illegal in the UK. Apart from us, there are only two other rowing boats with a crew of eight on each boat racing each other across to Barbados. These guys have already left, so if Ole leaves before me, I'll be the last boat out of the trap and bringing up the rear!

My "space around me" is slowly shrinking and I am switching off from everyday matters that were once important (probably still are! ha ha) which leaves only my family and my support team headed by Andy Wise to connect with over the next few months. Hey ho, that's it for now, must go for that hair cut!