Chartwork today

31 January 2013

I'm just sitting under some trees that Christopher Columbus planted a few years back, sipping on a cuppa and doing some last minute lists and house keeping before going. I've set a deadline for tonight that Iwill be 100% ready to jump on board and row, although it won't be until the weekend. The good news is that there seems to be a window of opportunity coming, but this can always change. Fingers crossed. SO on that last list today is:


Fit 2x canvas bags inside to hold my clothes

Alter my rowing seat and then have one last sort out, scrub and polish.

On my training run yesterday, I found more good news in that I don't think I need the strong weather I was initially hoping for. The boat is so light that I'm getting very good numbers on the polars both against the wind and with it. I can row into a headwind of 10 knots at about 2.8 knots coomfortably. I know I will still drift backwards when I stop, but these numbers are a great improvement on my last boat. Let's just hope I get fair winds though!